Event Contacts

For conference information, contact:
Angie O'Dea
Phone: +1-918-831-9431
Fax: +1-918-831-9181
Email: angieo@pennwell.com

For sponsorship information, contact:
Sandy Norris
Phone: +1-918-831-9115
Fax: +1-918-831-9181
Email: sandyn@pennwell.com

For overall event and logistics information, contact:
Emily Moreau
Phone: +1-918-832-9305
Fax: +1-918-831-9729
Email: emilyg@pennwell.com

For marketing information, contact:

Tim Chambers
Phone: +1-918-831-9704
Fax: +1-918-832-9274
Email: tchambers@pennwell.com

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